Volunteer for VoiceAbility in South Gloucestershire

Location: South Gloucestershire
Salary: Volunteer Position
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Position Type: Volunteer
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Volunteer to make a difference with VoiceAbility  

 VoiceAbility supports people to have their say in decisions about their health, care and wellbeing.   

Could you give a few hours a week to help people speak up and be heard? We welcome applications from people who have lived experience and from anyone looking to make a positive difference.  

We're recruiting for the following voluntary positions in South Gloucestershire 

  • Hospital Visitors  

  • Support Session Volunteers  

  • Service Team Volunteers  

How you can help  

Hospital Visitor  

Could you help someone in a mental health facility access our advocacy services? Do you have the patience and understanding to chat with people in mental health facilities about their experiences there?  

You can make a real difference to their experience and recovery.  

This role is ideal for mental health and psychology and psychiatry students or anyone with an interest in mental health. 

Support Session Volunteer 

Could you help someone file a complaint about their housing or GP? Could you help someone find local services? Could you help someone understand the information they have been given about their care and support? 

You could help improve the quality of someone’s life. 

This role is ideal for social work students, an interest in the care sector or retired professionals. 

Service Team Volunteer 

Can you help promote services to local people in your community? Can you help at events and awareness raising sessions?  

You could help improve access to services in your community. 

This role is ideal for people who already have a connection to their community or would like to build one.  

Why volunteer?  

Volunteering with VoiceAbility is ideal for people who have or want experience in human rights, health, care and wellbeing - but we care more about your values and empathy than your level of experience.  

Accountant Ben’s priorities changed after a serious illness. “I wanted to give something back. It’s really rewarding as you get to use your knowledge and skills for a really good purpose.”   

You’ll develop skills in communication and confidentiality, add experience and knowledge to your CV, and know you’re making a genuine difference to people’s lives.  

As a volunteer you’ll receive full training, support from the volunteer team and your local advocates, and paid expenses.  

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