Welcome to the Sainsbury’s Argos internal job board. This site is aimed at current colleagues of Sainsbury’s Argos, Habitat & Sainsbury’s. If you don’t currently work within the Group, we’d love to hear from you via our careers site - argos.careers

At Sainsbury’s Argos, our people are our most valuable resource. We want to encourage our colleagues to develop themselves and their careers to reach their true potential.
So, if you’re ready to take your next step to something new, just have a chat with your line manager before you apply. And if in the meantime you have any questions, drop us a line at 

Want to see what roles Sainsbury’s are advertising internally currently?  Check out www.insidemove.co.uk

If I find a role that I’m interested in, how do I apply?

The application process is always completed online, once you find a role that you are interested in, you will be taken through the application process.  It’s pretty quick, you’ll usually need your CV to hand to upload it.  You’ll be asked to put in the email address of your line manager, who will receive a notification that you’ve applied so please ensure you’ve had an upfront conversation. 

How does the application process work?

This differs slightly across the business, however the first conversation will be with one of our internal recruiters or a store manager if you apply for a retail role, who will discuss the role with you in more detail before deciding on how to progress your application. 

What Interview process will I follow?

This will be slightly different from role to role, however it will follow the format used within that business area. Always check the agreed interview process with your recruiter, being aware that it could be a different approach to the one you are used to.

How do I compare my current grade with a similar grade in a new part of the business?

Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Argos do have a different grading system. At the moment there is no direct comparison between grades. If you see a role that you are interested in then the recruiter will be able to give you more information.

What happens if I accept a role in a different part of the business?

For any colleagues thinking of transferring between Sainsbury’s and Sainsbury’s Argos, it’s important to be aware that whilst you will keep your continuous service, you will be offered a new contract and will transfer to the new roles terms and conditions should you accept the role.

We hope you enjoy viewing the jobs across all of our business areas and good luck if you do decide to apply for a new internal role.

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