Swiss Precision Diagnostics (SPD) was formed in 2007 as a joint venture between Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Alere, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Abbott, to create, using its parent companies’ complementary strengths, one of the world's foremost organisations in consumer diagnostics. SPD brands are recognised the world over as providing accurate home pregnancy and fertility monitoring tests. Brands such as Clearblue® have earned a global reputation for accuracy, reliability and simplicity - features welcomed by consumers as well as by doctors working in family medicine. Our research interests are in the broad application of innovative technologies for use by the consumer at home. We have a strong focus on women's reproductive health and our goals are in the continuing supply of useful diagnostic products which are sensitive, simple and affordable.

We are a diverse group of individuals who work together, across two sites, to make fantastic teams, which comprise of Research and Development (including Science, Design, Engineering, Software, Hardware and Project Management), Product Support, Scientific and Medical Affairs, Statistics and Data Management, Clinical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Compliance and Quality Assurance, Customer Support (including the international Customer Careline), Sales and Marketing, Product Supply, Finance, Legal and People and Organisational Development. We thrive on team performance and work closely together to ensure that we are all designing and delivering the best products and process that empower our consumers and our employees.

SPD’s headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Innovation Centre in Bedford, UK. SPD employs more than 180 people.